PMX Audio And Lights For DJ Tiesto In Manila


In 2006, PMX supplied the sound and lights for DJ Tiesto In Search of Survive 5 Asian Tour held at Forum, PICC.

In 2008, PMX worked with him again, gave him the Martin W8LM DJ monitor since acoustics is not available, and provided his cult the best set-up of sound and lights in the house location: World Trade Center, Manila freedom day: April 19.

PMX set-up 100% Martin Audio speakers system from Tiesto  Martin Audio W8LM mini-array monitor, 40 subwoofers, to the hanged line array speakers including the W8LC system designed and equalized by Ferdie Garcia and Nestor Tolentino.

with 100 moving heads effects such as Martin MAC 600, 700 and MAC 2000, Fine Art Technology, and Coemar CF1200 reinforcing with conventional lights and 3 laser, theres no doubt that Tiesto, Elements of Life, is an experience of  consistent sound and lights showcase lights designed and orchestrated by Dominique Gallardo.

DJ Tiesto, the world’s greatest DJ, transformed World Trade Center in Manila as the club of the clubs that night.